The CisLunar Commodities Exchange Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of the InterPlanetary Fund Management Group. IPFM is a US based group focused on bringing humanity closer to a commercialized space economy. 

The CLCE Group is necessitated through its partners and facilitated through legislation in 2020. 

The CLCE Group is striving to exceed expectations in obtaining the necessary MSB licenses to pose a simple yet secure trading desk to civilians by 2035.  

Within the next decade access to markets of unfortold treasures await and until the first mining operation takes place the commodities currently traded that are necessary in the space industry today will be the initial goal of the CLCE Group. 

Logan Ryan Golema - Founder

Logan is the Chairman of the InterPlanetary Fund Management Group and the founding Chief Executive Officer of Lunargistics Corp. 


Sean Beecroft - Chairman


As Founder & CEO of AEI, an international energy company, Sean has been seen as highly independent in his workflow. His career has taken him 20 years in the financial engineering sector. Sean is the author of the TradeDesk Pro software and keeps it maintained while the CLCE Group catches up.